Sound Studies


Reducing your noise pollution or exposure can be an intimidating task. You may know your source of noise but not know what to do about it. Similarly, you may have so many sources that you don’t know where to start. Whatever your problem may be, Applied Acoustical Group offers multiple sound studies that not only identify and prioritize your noise problems, but offer a complete engineered solution as well.

Facility Evaluation

If your facility has a specific machine or process that is the source of unwanted noise, we can make a site-visit to take evaluate your application. This may include physical measurements of your machine and noise level and frequency readings. We’ll then take this information to design a custom solution that fits your acoustical and budgetary requirements.

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Employee Time-Weighted-Average

Employee time-weighted-average surveys may be required for a variety of reasons. OSHA can require a manufacturing facility to implement an Employee Hearing Conservation Program, or a company-wide initiative to reduce employee noise exposure can be encouraged to reduce insurance costs or simply to provide a better workplace environment. Using individual dosimeters for each employee, we can provide your company with eight-hour time-weighted-averages for each employee, identify which employees are over the 85 dba and ultimately provide a solutions proposal to that will make your firm compliant with OSHA regulations.

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Property Line Assessment

Noise from major roadways, wastewater treatment facilities and even neighboring bars and restaurants can cause serious frustration for adjacent businesses and residences. Applied Acoustical Group is experienced in conducting property line assessments that will identify what the noise levels are at the concerned property line and compare those results with local noise ordinances. We can then make a recommendation, if one is needed, for what solution will resolve the noise issues.

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