Engineered Sound Enclosures

AAG provides engineered sound enclosure solutions for a variety of different applications.

Excessive equipment noise in manufacturing and industrial areas is a common issue that can create a hazardous working environment for employees. Employee safety is becoming more of a focus of employers due to empirical evidence of hearing damage linked to long term exposure to high sound levels. Being exposed to sound levels above the OSHA hearing conservation limit of 85 dBa can cause permanent damage if not addressed. The most direct approach to solving an equipment noise issue is to add an acoustical enclosure around the unit in question.

Engineered Sound Enclosure are Sound Solutions

This of course raises the questions of access to the equipment and equipment function. Our standard enclosures are modularly designed with easy access panels, sight windows, and ventilation systems to ensure that the equipment is not only operating properly but easy to access for maintenance. We can also provide more custom systems that might include fire and gas detection and suppression, explosion proof electrical components, custom silencers, etc. Every application is different and we are able to adapt and develop a solution that will satisfy even the most stringent noise requirements. We cross analyze the frequency data of the equipment to be enclosed, with the third party testing data we have on our panels.

We use this data to determine the thickness of the outer shell, type of acoustical fill, and whether or not we need to add any additional septum layers to every enclosure. We also calculate before and after sound level measurements to make sure our customer is satisfied with the enclosure and we met our guaranteed sound reduction.Our expertise lies in engineering a variety of enclosures to meet each of our customer’s unique needs and constraints.

We offer enclosures in 2” and 4” thicknesses, constructed with various acoustical fills, and in multiple metal options that include galvannealed steel, aluminized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvalume, and painted finishes.

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As part of our architectural solutions, we have the flexibility to choose from a variety of offerings that will fit your design and budget.

Environments That Need Engineered Sound Enclosures Solutions

PD Blower Market

For leading blower distributors, adding an acoustical enclosure to your blower package before you send it to your customer is the future of the blower industry. Teaming up with Applied Acoustical Group to help you design and engineer an enclosure to fit your specific noise control and ventilation needs will significantly improve your customer service and value-add to your package.

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Applied Acoustical Group has experience in designing compressor enclosures anywhere from a small compressor for operating pneumatic tools to large natural gas compression systems. Let our engineers and acoustical specialists design a custom enclosure to fit all of your sound abatement, accessibility, and fire suppression needs. Compressor Enclosure PDF

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In today’s construction, generators are absolutely vital to most buildings. They not only provide power during an outage, but also provide a continuous backup for servers to avoid data loss. The sound emitted from generators can be particularly irritating to nearby residents or even employees of your facility which can result in loss of productivity or legal action by neighbors. The low frequency “hum” associated with generators can be dealt with by designing an enclosure or sound wall by Applied Acoustical Group to meet your sound and also aesthetic needs.

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The inlet and exhaust of a large turbine can easily exceed 130 dBa. Even a smaller turbine can reach sound levels in excess of 120 dBa, which can be very harmful to employees and disrupt a residential area up to several hundred yards away. Applied Acoustical Group has the capability to design, manufacture, and install any size enclosure to meet your turbine noise abatement needs.

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