Thanks to more than 25 years experience in the field of noise abatement, Applied Acoustical Group has seen many different applications for our solutions. We have provided our expertise, engineering and custom solutions for hundreds of customers nationwide in a variety of industries. We proudly offer our services in the fields of industrial manufacturing, original equipment manufacturing, equipment packaging, power generation, oil and natural gas, commercial, corporate, education, restaurants, multi-use, and new construction.

Our on-site experience and extensive product knowledge adds value for our customers and their product or process. Not only do we expertly identify noise issues, but we also design, engineer, manufacture and install custom solutions. We can utilize a variety of products to construct our solutions, including: absorptive panels and baffles, acoustical curtain enclosures, noise walls, silencers, and steel enclosures. These products are sourced both through our own in-house manufacturing capabilities, and through strategic distributor relationships that we secured with top-notch manufacturers across the country.

In 25 years we’ve proudly served all of our valued customers and their varying needs. Please browse through our gallery to see just a few examples of our solutions, and give us a call today to see how we can help.

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