Stress from Poor Sound Design

Noise in the classroom is stressful for all parties involved. It creates educational difficulties for students, while causing unnecessary stress on teachers. During a recent project, Applied Acoustical Group witnessed this problem firsthand. For a local arts academy, the culprit was a poorly designed, inadequately soundproof school theater room. With high ceilings and no absorptive surfaces in the room, not only did musicals and plays sound less than satisfactory, but the poor acoustics were wearing on the teacher after spending 50 hours each week in the room.

Soundproof School Theater

With a current estimated reverberation time of 4.8 seconds, AAG utilized charcoal colored Valueline absorptive panels to reduce that time to the recommended 1.0 seconds. The extremely lightweight panels made for an easy install, applying 64 panels in just under four hours. And the charcoal color of the panels blended in perfectly with the black box theater.

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