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Noise levels for gunshots can easily be 150 decibels or more. It’s no wonder, then, that range owners require hearing protection for the shooters, but also take the measure of acoustically treating the range. The Hypalon-coated foam offerings from Pinta are treated to withstand this environment and are easily cleaned.


Gyms, aquatic centers, cafeterias and multi-use areas can be a nightmare for those that use them frequently do to the excessive reverberation. Thanks to Pinta’s numerous options to treat both the ceiling and the walls in these areas, we can specify a combination of products that will provide the ideal acoustical environment for these multipurpose facilities.

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An office that is noisy to the point of disruption can cause confusion, frustration and even a decrease in productivity. But the aesthetic quality of the acoustical solution is also critical in this space where you may frequently have customers and colleagues visiting. Thankfully, Pinta has a variety of options to meet your desire, whether that be a solution that stands out and catches the eye, or one that blends in and is hardly noticeable.

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In places like hotel lobbies, restaurant seating areas, art galleries, downtown office spaces and corporate headquarters, the client tends to place a premium on a solution that is visually striking. Class A buildings expect to have an environment that is acoustically sound, but also need to have a Class A aesthetic to them. Pinta’s entire product line is customizable to deliver creative freedom for architects, interior designers, and building owners.

PHOTO: as manufactured by Pinta acoustic


Reduce, dampen or absorb noise with industrial acoustical curtains

Sometimes a steel enclosure is not desired for the manufacturing facility. In these applications we turn to our line of vinyl acoustical curtains. These can be used to create enclosures that may be open-top, with no need for a ventilation system. In environments with lesser decibel reduction requirements, we can hang these curtains as baffles throughout the facility. While the curtains are of industrial quality and designed to be located in rough environments, they still have a clean and professional appearance to them.



Reducing your noise pollution or exposure can be an intimidating task. You may know your source of noise but not know what to do about it. Similarly, you may have so many sources that you don’t know where to start. Whatever your problem may be, Applied Acoustical Group offers multiple sound studies that not only identify and prioritize your noise problems, but offer a complete engineered solution as well.


If your facility has a specific machine or process that is the source of unwanted noise, we can make a site-visit to take evaluate your application. This may include physical measurements of your machine and noise level and frequency readings. We’ll then take this information to design a custom solution that fits your acoustical and budgetary requirements.


Employee time-weighted-average surveys may be required for a variety of reasons. OSHA can require a manufacturing facility to implement an Employee Hearing Conservation Program, or a company-wide initiative to reduce employee noise exposure can be encouraged to reduce insurance costs or simply to provide a better workplace environment. Using individual dosimeters for each employee, we can provide your company with eight-hour time-weighted-averages for each employee, identify which employees are over the 85 dba and ultimately provide a solutions proposal to that will make your firm compliant with OSHA regulations.


Noise from major roadways, wastewater treatment facilities and even neighboring bars and restaurants can cause serious frustration for adjacent businesses and residences. Applied Acoustical Group is experienced in conducting property line assessments that will identify what the noise levels are at the concerned property line and compare those results with local noise ordinances. We can then make a recommendation, if one is needed, for what solution will resolve the noise issues.



Noisy equipment and machinery is a common problem in the industrial markets. The solutions to this problem are unfortunately, not so common. Our expertise lies in engineering a variety of enclosures to meet each of our customer’s unique needs and constraints. We offer enclosures in 2” and 4” thicknesses, constructed with various acoustical fills, and in multiple metal options that include galvannealed steel, aluminized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


For leading blower distributors, adding an acoustical enclosure to your blower package before you send it to your customer is the future of the blower industry. Teaming up with Applied Acoustical Group to help you design and engineer an enclosure to fit your specific noise control and ventilation needs will significantly improve your customer service and value-add to your package.


Applied Acoustical Group has experience in designing compressor enclosures anywhere from a small compressor for operating pneumatic tools to large natural gas compression systems. Let our engineers and acoustical specialists design a custom enclosure to fit all of your sound abatement, accessibility, and fire suppression needs.


In today's construction, generators are absolutely vital to most buildings. They not only provide power during an outage, but also provide a continuous backup for servers to avoid data loss. The sound emitted from generators can be particularly irritating to nearby residents or even employees of your facility which can result in loss of productivity or legal action by neighbors. The low frequency “hum” associated with generators can be dealt with by designing an enclosure or sound wall by Applied Acoustical Group to meet your sound and also aesthetic needs.


The inlet and exhaust of a large turbine can easily exceed 130 dBa. Even a smaller turbine can reach sound levels in excess of 120 dBa, which can be very harmful to employees and disrupt a residential area up to several hundred yards away. Applied Acoustical Group has the capability to design, manufacture, and install any size enclosure to meet your turbine noise abatement needs.



Many situations are simply not practical for an enclosure or absorptive materials alone to solve the problem. In these applications, a sound wall that blocks the sound transmission path to the affected receiver may be the best option. Our lightweight, absorptive sound wall is an ideal solution for structure-mounted and outdoor applications where a reflective sound wall just won’t do.


Highway noise can be devastating to property value, whether it be residential or commercial. Concrete sound barriers are nearly prehistoric with today's technology, which is why Applied Acoustical Group offers not only sound absorbing barrier walls but also lightweight barriers for bridges and overpasses. With smaller foundations, ease of installation, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, our sound walls set the standard for DOT noise abatement.


With the the need for next-day deliveries and the rise of online shopping large distribution centers are popping up all over the country, and not just in rural areas. These facilities run 24/7 and often times back up to neighborhoods. Our aesthetically pleasing, UV and graffiti resistant sound walls are the perfect addition to not only block the noise of the trucks but also as a visual barrier.


Industrial HVAC units and water chillers are a huge cause for concern in office or residential buildings because they run most of the day and are also unsightly. Our lightweight sound walls are able to not only block the noise from the unit but provide a visual barrier that blends in or accents the building.


In today's construction, generators are absolutely vital to most buildings. They not only provide power during an outage but also provide a continuous backup for servers, to avoid data loss. The sound emitted from generators can be particularly irritating to close by residents or even employees of your facility which can result in loss of productivity or legal action by neighbors. The low frequency “hum” associated with generators can be dealt with by designing an enclosure or sound wall by Applied Acoustical Group to your sound and also aesthetic needs.



Applied Acoustical Group utilizes nearly 30 years of experience to offer our expertise as a turnkey noise control engineering firm. We subscribe to a solutions-based approach that enables us to solve problems within each of customer’s unique needs and constraints. Not only will we identify and measure your noise problems, but we then engineer a custom solution using our many abatement methods and options. If necessary, we even offer installation of every solution we recommend. With our offerings in sound studies, acoustical enclosures, sound walls and Pinta foam products, for both industrial and architectural applications, Applied Acoustical Group is your ideal partner for turnkey noise engineering.


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