Sound Enclosures

Custom Built Sound Enclosures To Meet Any Specification

Architectural Acoustic Products

Solve Indoor Acoustical Issues In Style

Industrial Sound Walls

Cost Effectice Alternative to Multiple Enclosures 

Noise Control Solutions from Applied Acoustical Group


AAG provides engineered sound enclosure solutions for a variety of different applications.

Sound Studies

Evaluate and diagnose noise problems with our sound studies.

Acoustical Curtains

Sound curtains are a versatile noise abatement product that can be a cost-effective solution to a variety of noise problems.

Pinta Acoustic Foam Products

Acoustical panels can be used to solve a variety of architectural noise issues without sacrificing style or presentation.


We have provided our expertise, engineering and custom solutions for hundreds of customers nationwide in a variety of industries.

Sound Walls

Sound walls that block the sound transmission path to the affected receiver may be the best option.

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